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Let's Get Stones      - improving mind, body and spirit
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     Jane Russo (retired dental hygienist) is a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner, Certified Herbalist and gemstone artist now located in Gordon, WI. I specialize in wire-wrapping Reiki attuned gemstones as jewelry to assist in positive improvement of mind, body and spirit. I also offer Reiki/Crystal Therapy sessions. E-mail me to set up your appointment today!




Jane Russo

Email: letsgetstones@yahoo.com

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Let's Get Stones






Let's Get Stones is a web-based retailer

Gordon, WI 54838

E-mail: letsgetstones@yahoo.com


Jane Russo

Reiki Master

Certified Crystal Therapist

Certified Herbalist

Gemstone Artist







Host a "Let's Get Stones" party and receive $50 worth of free merchandise. E-mail me to set a date for YOUR party!


E-mail me to set up a relaxing Reiki or Crystal Therapy session.

I also offer  distance and animal Reiki.


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