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Reiki, (pronounced ray-key) is an energy work practice developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. 

Rei-meaning universal and Ki- meaning life force or life energy.

In Reiki therapy the practitioner transfers or channels energy directly to the patient by connecting to the supreme universal energy. The energy moves from the practitioner to the recipient and through the recipient's chakras. The chakras work like valves to enable the energy to pass through the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional being thereby treating the root cause of dis-ease instead of just the symptoms. The patient is then able to heal themselves via the energy provided by the practitioner.

I practice Reiki as a hands off method of energy work.

Distance Reiki can send Reiki energy to a person who is not able, for whatever reason, to have an in-person session. Think of it as using the same energy currents as WiFi, phone signals, satellites,etc. to send Rieki energy. I just ask that we set a general time frame to send/recieve the Reiki. Contact me by e-mail to discuss session time and agenda.




Crystal therapy works with a crystal's vibrational energy. The therapist/practitioner works with an individual to decide their needs and helps choose a crystal or crystals to aid in the patients ability to heal themselves and rebalance the energy centers of the body. The therapist may be drawn to a crystal in harmony with the individual's own energy vibration or may choose a crystal based on the beneficial qualities it's energy provides.







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