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Cleansing Crystals

Crystals should be cleansed and re-energized on a regular basis or after heavy use. Regular cleansing removes negative or unwanted energy and restores the original vibration of the crystal.

Cleansing methods include:

  • Immersing in salt water or rain water, dry and leave in the sun to re-energize. Layered or soft crystals may dissolve, so be careful
  • Place in sea salt or brown rice overnight, leave in the sun to re-energize. This method is not a good option for layered or soft crystals
  • Smudging with sage or holy wood
  • Placing in the light of the full moon, (my personal favorite) or sunlight
  • Place on Selenite or a Quartz or Amethyst cluster overnight
  • Cleansing with Reiki energy
  • Cleansing with the vibrational tone of a singing bowl or ting shaws

After cleansing and recharging your stones  send your intention to the stone. Carry them with you based on intention.


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