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Take your stone anywhere!

Clip-ons are more simply wrapped stones with a lobster clip wired directly to the stone. Use as a key-chain fob, zipper pull or clip to your car interior, purse or pet's collar. Be creative!

Not seeing the stone you want in a clip-on? E-mail me!

Clips are 3/4"--opening measures 5/16"

Find Clip-ons under the corresponding stone name

Pet Crystal Prescriptions


  • protective, calming, peaceful sleep
  • helps to focus during training

AGATE- snakeskin

  • strength, inner peace, joy of life, self-esteem
  • aids depression, hearing problems, stomach disorders


  • aids vision, throat, kidneys and bladder
  • calms nerves, hyperactivity
  • good for pregnant/birthing animals
  • natural flea and tick deterrent


  • powerful all around healer
  • improves hearing, nervous system, heart, skin, bones and teeth
  •  treats arthritis, pain and disorientation
  • rids excessive barking


  • strengthens blood, lungs, heart and adrenal glands
  • encourages exploration after a move


  • protective, grounding, aids self-esteem, stress relief, depression 
  • fosters harmony with other pets
  • assimilates iron, increases acidity, relaxes tense muscles, aids skin disorders


  • aids digestive tract
  • calms shy, nervous pets
  • promotes happiness and courage
  • helps with aging issues, allergies, cancer
  • can help pet deal with negative emotions such as anger,fear and sadness 


  • helps allergies, cancer, respiration, blood, digestion, bones and teeth
  • aids low vitality, clumsiness, convalescence
  • balances right and left brain, helpful for training issues


  • helps increase life span and brings comfort when the end is near
  • assists the immune system, kidneys, heart, eye and skin issues
  • calming-great for abused animals


  • the supreme nurtuter, brings tranquility and inner strength
  • promotes confidence and courage
  • realigns the chakras and keeps your pet grounded
  • eases stress, brings happiness 


  • protective, strengthens throat, bone marrow and immune system
  •  strongest stone for relief from pain from leukemia or bone cancer
  • eases depression

OBSIDIAN - goldsheen 

  • collects and transmutes negative energy
  • great stone for service dogs


  • increases immunity, stimulates the thyroid, decreases respiratory problems
  • amplifies human/animal communication-excellent for training
  • strengthens the aura, good for pain relief
  • can also be programmed for specific purposes 

QUARTZ - rose

  • relieves stress and facilitates harmony among multiple pets or children
  • helps a rescue accept love without fear
  • soothing for animals recently hurt or operated on

 QUARTZ - smoky

  • heightens survival instincts
  • releases negative energy and hostility
  • aids the abdomen, hips, legs, regulated fluids
  • relieves pain, strengthens back, fortifies nerves, aids with cancer treatments


  • rescue remedy stone, emergencies, emotional and physical trauma
  • aids healing after surgery, cancer, throat infections and lungs 


  • endurance, agility, protection, patience and focus
  • treats eyes, throat, broken bones and reproductive organs 
  • eases depression


  • protects against city dangers and pollution
  • powerful healing stone
  • boosts confidence and grounds shy, nervous or newborn pets 

TURQUOISE - yellow

  • strengthens and aligns the chakras
  • brings balance and serenity
  • encourages ability to adjust and change
  • aids communication 

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